HyPar  1.0
Finite-Difference Hyperbolic-Parabolic PDE Solver on Cartesian Grids
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libROM Examples

The following are some examples that use the reduced-order modeling capabilities implemented in the libROM library (https://www.librom.net/). To run them, HyPar needs to be compiled with libROM. Familiarity with using libROM and the mathematical concepts implemented in it is assumed.


  • In general, any other example or simulation can use the capabilities of libROM by providing the libROM-specific input file (librom.inp).
  • If HyPar is not compiled with libROM, these examples will run as a regular HyPar simulation.

These examples may come with a Python script to plot the solutions from the binary solution file. This script will need the environment variable HYPAR_DIR (/path/to/hypar) to be defined, so make sure this variable exists.

Dynamic Mode Decomposition

1D Linear Advection - Sine Wave (Training a DMD)
1D Linear Advection - Discontinuous Waves (Training a Time Windowed DMD)
1D Euler Equations - Sod Shock Tube (Training a Time Windowed DMD)
2D Euler Equations - Isentropic Vortex Convection (Training a DMD)
2D Euler Equations - Riemann Problem Case 4 (Training a Time Windowed DMD)
2D Navier-Stokes Equations - Lid-Driven Square Cavity (Training a Time-Windowed DMD)
2D (1D-1V) Vlasov Equation - Self-Consistent E-Field (Training a Time-Windowed DMD)